Bitumen World (Pvt) Ltd

Bitumen World (Pvt) Ltd has been using the Hot Recharge system since November 2014 as a means by which to top up employee airtime on a weekly basis. Not only is this method of recharging fast and efficient, it also provides an immediate overview of funds being spent on airtime, as well as to whom it is being allocated.

Topping up couldn't be easier with the Hot Recharge portal. lt's simple to use, clear and concise; and the reporting facility is just what we need for our reconciliation of airtime expenses. The Hot Recharge Team is always on hand to assist and I have personally found them to be so pleasant and helpfulwith any query l've had.

Executive Assistantfor and on behalf of Bitumen World (Pvt) Ltd

Eskill Trading (Pvt) Ltd

Hot Recharge has been a great option for us, especially in controlling our costs as well as being able to recharge our phones from anywhere in the world! It's an outstanding service and we look forward to new and exciting innovations from the HOT Recharge team.

Brett Hensberg
Managing Director

Foster M.

Hot Recharge easy way of sending and selling airtime,fast and quick affordable even to anyone i.e. little recharge from as little as 1rand enables us to send to people in other countries when they are on roaming. The one and only way that gives us more profits and a safe way to banking your money in airtime.

Imagine a man like me paying lobola and now I am going to have a big wedding this year.

Jessie Delicacies

Well it all started 2012 with my mom who stays in zimre she got a combi all the way to msasa to learn more and she called me, we met in town and she just said I am taking u somewhere to a business venture.

I simply followed her all the way to the shop. And she handed me $50 to start me, she taught me how to do the business I have no regrets I am a student teacher in my final year and I always have money in my bag

Thabayi S.

I’ve been a hot recharge dealer for 5yrs and still counting. I’m based in Vic falls and as small town it’s good to known for product/service such as hot recharge. I only started with $20 then but now I’m selling $1500 plus per week, it helps to be patient and persistent in life.

Some of my clients don’t know when they last bought a scratch card now I’m taking care of my wife and 2 handsome boys with this venture thanksHot recharge

Stanley W.

Hot recharge is good for me in many ways
  • Firstly during the time of hyper inflation in 2007 to 2009 hot recharge made me to survive the economic hardship by selling airtime and I was self employed because of hot recharge, during this period I survived poverty and hunger because of hot recharge.
  • Secondly with hot recharge you can easily share airtime to anyone in Zimbabwe whenever you like 24/7 to all networks.
  • Thirdly hot recharge is the best service to use during emergency times as you will always have it safe with you always.
I thank you guys for the service you provide to the nation

Leonard M.

All my customers want a lot of money at one time so scratching 25 cards is not the way to go. HOT can send to numbers that are roaming so I can send to my customer as far as Canada.

Customers with lesser values you can still sell to them. What I love the most is HOT always works and the lets know if they are challenges and even when it is down the customers wait for their HOT always

Webster C.

Hot recharge is a simple and efficient way to sell airtime and make profit. Through Hot recharge I have managed to save my profit and buy a residential stand which I am now developing.

I have been with Hot Recharge since 2006 and along the way I have built regular client base of individual and company clients. Which have helped me stay afloat and build trust to which I have benefited even outside airtime business. So Hot Recharge helped me to connect with people of influence in society.

With Hot Recharge I don't have to move around with different airtime vouchers of different denominations, so it is smart. It's 24hr so my clients enjoy the service anytime. I have managed to involve my wife, sister and mother in the rural area and they are making profit for themselves, so I have empowered them through Hot Recharge.

Hot recharge is good in the sense that I use my usual phone handset as the tool/asset needed to transact , so no need to move around with a different gadget , laptop , desktop or conventional cards.

With Hot Recharge I can see and keep my track of transactions including summary of daily sales. It has wide banks branch network where to make a deposit and @ time office open for deposits during holidays, so easy to transact.

Hot Recharge forever